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I grew up on the dairy in a family of seven kids.  My uncle, who also managed the dairy,  had four kids of his own...we were all milking or helping out from an early age.  Milking and farming became ingrained in my life.  I loved it from a young age and realized the impact of my family's business to the area and nation. 

My father served as AMPI (Associated Milk Producers Incorporated) President for many years.  Through his leadership, the dairy industry began changing. Soon after his passing in 1994, Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) was created to help unify the dairy community and empower its members. In similar fashion, I followed my father in service to my fellow dairy farmers by serving on the DFA Corporate Resolutions board.  Protecting the small, family dairy was important to my father and me.  When my grandfather moved to Cooke County, there were more than 11,565 cows on family owned dairies. Today, less than 2% of that number exists and Spring Creek Farms is one of only 4 dairies left in the county. 

My wife and I are dedicated to the success of local economy and service in our community.  Our family attends mass every Sunday. Laine and I are both real estate agents, she teaches school and helps promote our online marketing presence. Our children (Vincent and Kendal) are active in the church, school academia & sports, area rodeo activities and service organizations. Somehow, they make it to the dairy to help milk and farm. Whew...we stay busy!


We are blessed to have some awesome part-time helpers at the dairy.  Everyone pitches in to help make our products the best around. 

I spend most of the day at the dairy.  We milk every morning and bottle milk at least once each day.  I love meeting and talking with our customers.  I hear so many wonderful stories about people who "grew up on fresh milk" or "so excited to find us". Meeting our consumers face to face and educating the kids who come for field trips is important to me. I love that our milk is going out to our neighbors, our community and friends (both old and new)!


- Danny Wolf

I am a proud, third generation dairy farmer. In 1937, my grandfather moved his family to Cooke County from Windthorst, Texas and bought a dairy farm just  south of Gainesville. My father, Lee Wolf, graduated high school in 1948 and joined the Air Force in 1951. He married my mother, Betty Jean Heitzman in 1952 while on leave and she then joined him while stationed in North Bend, Oregon.  My grandfather became ill and in May of 1954, dad was given an honorable discharge to go home and take over the family farm and dairy. My father and his brother, Ed, took over the management of the dairy and our two families continued to build the legacy that my grandfather established. 

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